Auto Injury Attorney

Auto accidents that involve situations where reckless drivers injure an innocent pedestrian, motorcycle rider, or a driver of another car can cause serious injury and countless medical bills.

Auto accidents are terrifying and when people are injured, there is obviously a tremendous amount of pain for the injured but there is also an enormous amount of emotional suffering for everyone involved.

Auto Injury Cases

In auto injury cases, the legal system sorts out the party or parties that are at fault for the accident and subsequently determines who needs to pay the medical and repair costs.   In an accident where there are personal injuries, there are various defenses often employed by insurance companies.  A party can retain an attorney to negotiate liability or they may file a lawsuit in state or federal court.

When a complaint is filed, the attorneys for both sides work to determine what exactly happened using evidence provided including police reports and photos.  Those found at fault are usually required to compensate the injured person for expenses which include medical care and property repair but may also include lost wages, pain and suffering.

Auto Insurance

It is fortunate that most people have auto insurance which will pay for much of the damages caused by the auto accident. However, insurance companies may also use their own legal team to represent their company’s interest. Robert K. Beck & Associates works to make sure you receive the reimbursement to which you are entitled.