Workers Compensation
(Work Related Accidents)

Any and all businesses are required by state law to carry insurance to cover the medical expenses for employees that are injured during the course and scope of employment.   Employees who suffer from an on-the-job injury have the right to medical care that is paid by an insurance known as Workers’ Compensation.

In many cases, payments are made to compensate for temporary or permanent disabilities suffered by the employee.  Further, dependents of workers killed during employment may also receive benefits that may be similar those received through a traditional life insurance plan.

While workers’ compensation plans differ from place to place, in the State of Idaho, Robert K. Beck and Associates knows the benefits that are available to you.  If you have been injured and denied benefits, you will need an Idaho Falls workers’ compensation attorney to provide the legal representation needed to receive all the benefit to which you are entitled.

Frequently Asked Questions about workers’ compensation.