Why Choose Us

There are attorneys in Idaho Falls and the surrounding areas and it can be difficult to make a decision of which one to retain. Of course we know that there are countless reasons to choose Robert K. Beck and Associates as your legal representative. Here are a few reasons that will help you understand the strengths of Robert K. Beck & Associates:

1. Realistic, Honest and Trusted

Robert will take the time to listen to you. He will listen to your concerns and take the necessary time to gain a clear understanding of your situation. With that understanding, Robert will provide you with honest and straightforward counsel. With Robert K. Beck and Associates, you are engaging in realistic and competent case preparation.

2. Trial Experience

Robert has been in the trenches for nearly 25 years doing trial work. This experience has proven invaluable for clients whose cases go to trial. With Robert K. Beck, you will receive his years of experience and it will pay off!

3. Knowledge of the Legal System

With years of experience and thousands of resolved cases, Robert understands and is efficient as he works through the processes of the legal system. This knowledge reduces the time it takes to see a case through to the end and will ultimately reduce amount of stress experienced by his clients.

4. Success Record

Robert’s record speaks for itself! He has favorably resolved over 500 personal injury cases, 400 workers compensation cases, won product liability and multiple federal cases grossing over $2.5Million in rewards for his clients. Robert K. Beck and Associates has a proven track record.

5. Personal Attention

When Robert begins to work with a new client, he gets to know them personally. He handles the case himself and communicates directly with his clients throughout the entire process. Unlike other firms who have paralegals or underlings who communicate with the client, Robert takes great pride in cultivating the relationship and avoiding misunderstandings.

6. Local Attorney

Robert knows the challenges that are specific to Idaho and can prepare cases best suited to laws and statutes of the State of Idaho. National attorneys, like the ones that commonly advertise on television, lack the personal touch that can be provided by Robert K. Beck as you sit down with him face to face. When you hire a local attorney, you know who he is, what his reputation is and by all means, you know where his office is located!

7. Legal Network

Robert K. Beck and Associates has a finely tuned local and national network of legal and medical professionals that he calls on in specific situations. Robert knows the local vocational and medical professionals that are best suited to assist him with his cases. In some situations, Robert may need to call on an expert outside of the area and will do this when it is in the best interest of his client.

8. Social Security Expertise

With his years of experience, Robert is uniquely qualified to assist his clients that need help obtaining the Social Security benefits that are rightfully theirs. He has worked within the Social Security legal system for so many years that the process has become second nature to him. You can feel confident that if you have been wrongfully denied benefits, with Robert K. Beck, you will be enabled to receive your rightful entitlement.

9. Workers Compensation Expertise

Workers compensation within the State of Idaho has some real challenges. Many people are denied the compensation that they deserve to sustain their livelihood. Robert K. Beck has resolved over 400 workers compensation cases so you know that his expertise will deliver the proper benefit reward.

10. Personal Injury Expertise

Personal injury cases also have twists and turns that prove challenging. Determining negligence and liability requires a seasoned expert to properly represent a client. Robert K. Beck has resolved over 500 personal injury cases showing his expertise in this area of law.

11. Balance (Aggressive vs. Patience)

Through all the years of experience, Robert K. Beck has learned that the most important part to winning a case is the persistence it takes to make it happen. Robert sustains the right balance in his persistence on each and every case he works. Sometimes, he needs to be aggressive and when he needs to be, he is a hard-hitting aggressive attorney.

There are other times when a little patience will make the difference. When patience is the necessary virtue, he is patient. All through the case, however, he will maintain his persistence to obtain the most favorable outcome for his clients.