Frequently Asked Questions about Workers Compensation

What is workers’ compensation?

Workers’ compensation that is also known as workmans’ comp or work comp, is an insurance program that is mandated by either the federal government or individual states like the State of Idaho.

Workers’ compensation provides medical benefits and wage replacement for employees who have been injured or have illness suffered in the course of employment.

Robert K Beck is an Idaho Falls workers’ compensation attorney that can review your situation and help you receive the compensation in which you are entitled.

Does workers’ compensation only cover medical expenses?

No.  Workers’ compensation will pay for medical expenses including hospital bills, doctors’ bills, and other medical related expenses that are necessary to diagnose and also treat your injury or illness.  Workers compensation may pay for rehabilitation, physical therapy or other recovery type expenses.  Additionally, workers’ compensation provides disability payments while an injured employee is unable to work.

Knowing what compensation you are entitled to is not common knowledge which is why contacting Idaho Falls workers’ compensation attorney Robert K. Beck is very important to protect your well-being.

Are all employees covered by workers’ compensation?

No.  There are exclusions.  Call Robert K Beck to review your case.

Are all injuries and illnesses suffered on the job covered by workers’ compensation?

No.  There are some limits.  For example, injuries that happen because an employee is using illegal drugs or is intoxicated are not covered.  Other situations where coverage may be denied include, violation of company policy, self-inflicted injury, injuries suffered while committing a crime.

Again it is important to contact Robert K. Beck, your Idaho Falls workers’ compensation attorney to clarify your specific situation.

Does workers’ compensation cover medical problems that are manifested over time?

Yes. Some illnesses and injuries are a result of long-term work related conditions. For example, chronic back problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, and stress-related illnesses may be covered.

Robert K. Beck is the Idaho Falls worker’s compensation attorney that can help you with your situation.